Oct. 16, 2018

Press Release 28 grams of happiness

Eindhoven, October 16, 2018 – Starting October 20, through October 28, 28 grams of happiness –food design experience and sensorial and spatial exhibition- will be presented at Art Experience by KRL on Sectie-C during Dutch Design Week (DDW).

Food design studio The Eatelier and chef PIPPENS are offering once again, after last year’s success of What will we eat in 2050? during DDW 2017, a new concept for their sensorial food design experience. For this year’s edition, the duo teamed up with Justine Kontou, curator of 28 grams of happiness - the exhibition, and are experimenting with happiness, and how to cultivate it through food and design.

By translating their scientific research into the world of food, food design studio The Eatelier and creative chef PIPPENS create an eye opening, educational, exciting, and sensorial lunch and dinner experience. Surrounding the food experience is the exhibition 28 grams of happiness, curated by Justine Kontou. This joyful, sensorial exhibition, experiments with colours, shapes and materials to create an environment that also brings people in a positive state of mind. It will show how art and design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content and/or gratefulness. Bringing the total experience to a complete journey through the pursuit of happiness.

A combination of circular, organic and geometric shapes in bright, cheerful and light colours have been carefully selected. The designers for the exhibition are Alissa + Nienke, Arnout Meijer, Angela Willemsen, David Derksen, Enrichers, Mae Engelgeer for CC-Tapis, Rick Tegelaar for Moooi, Rive Roshan Studio, Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek, Steven Banken, Susanne de Graef and Wave & Particle, composed of Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly, and floral styling by bloomon in Amsterdam.
For more information about both the food experience and the sensorial spatial exhibition, and where buy tickets, please click on the below links:

The exhibition is free of charge.

About The Eatelier & Chef Pippens
The Eatelier is a food design studio, which is founded by Katinka Versendaal. The studio focuses on translating scientific research, cultural tendencies and artistic developments into the world of food. They organize food experiences and run projects with the food industry and government, always working towards a healthier and more sustainable future. The Eatelier collaborates with creative Chef Pippens, owner of The Table by Pippens on Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Together they join forces to create a unique, experimental and delicious food experience. www.the-eatlier.com / www.pippens.nl

About Justine Kontou
From a holistic approach, Justine creates healthy interior concepts and spatial experiences to improve the well-being of people. By creating a natural environment with art and mindful design, senses are stimulated to bring people in their natural strength: a state in which the body functions in perfect harmony both physically and mentally. www.kontou.nl

About Art Experience by KRL
Art Experience by KRL (AEbyKRL) was founded in 2017 by two art lovers, Karina Ruffo Leduc and Henri Korevaar. AEbyKRL is a meeting place where arts and experience come together. Modern, contemporary art is their main focus. Their wish is to help guests discover new art forms, new artists, through an experience. Focusing on local and international talent, AEbyKRL hopes to give a new perspective on art and help new and established artists be discovered and/or rediscovered. www.artexperiencebykrl.com

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For information please contact:
Karina R. Leduc (Gallery Owner)
Art Experience by KRL
Daalakkersweg 12 5641 JA Eindhoven
M: +31 (0)6 83 70 86 15

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